What we can do

As our first step, we identify social networks most relevant for your customers. We then allocate our Consultants to continually listen and engage. Social Media Marketing is used by our Consultants to:

  • Connect with your existing customers in a more personal way
  • Connect with and nurture leads as part of sales cycle
  • Engage with influencers
  • Build stronger connections among your employees, colleagues and peers
  • Raise your brand’s profile within the category
  • Stay on top of news and industry trends
  • Share original content including e-books, blog posts, videos and case studies
  • Enable audiences to act as brand ambassadors
  • Monitor mentions in social media about your organization, leaders and competitors

Our Approach

  • Auditing Profile

    Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your social media marketing channels is imperative in building an effective strategy. We will carry out an in-depth audit across all of your profiles to determine their existing performance and how they can be improved and optimised throughout your campaign.

  • Analyzing the competition

    Are your competitors performing well on social media? We utilise our position to analyse the strategies that your closest competitors are using to determine the most popular industry approach and can integrate key elements into your campaign.

  • Devising Strategy

    As part of your social media management strategy, we create monthly content calendars, with scheduled posts across each platform to ensure consistent posting throughout the month. With ongoing competitor and sector analysis, we can keep your strategy fresh, up to date and keep you in front of your audience at the right times.

  • Daily Management

    Daily checks and updates, and ongoing client communication and consumer engagement allow us to continue improving the performance of your social channels. We regularly interact with the market around you to help push your brand voice further, regardless of where your audience is looking.

  • Results and Reporting

    As a transparent social media management agency, our monthly reporting allows you to understand and keep track of exactly what has been achieved across each social platform, both organically and through paid social media techniques. We will also detail the strategy for the following month so you’re kept in the loop.